Admission requirements

Undergraduate Courses

High School Diploma or equivalent permitting university University admission.

Second or Third Year Undergraduate Courses

Transcript from equivalent University or College previously attended along with the Portfolio (5-10 design projects) in order to assess the potential and ability of study.

One Year Courses

High School Diploma or equivalent permitting University admission.

Master Courses

University degree or at least two years experiences in the field related to the chosen Master.

Summer/Winter Courses

No academic requirements.

Italian Language Courses

No academic requirements.


Send by e-mail to interstudent@isdnapoli.it or by fax +39 081 193 05 621 with the enclosed Application Form completed, a photocopy of the required documents for the chosen course translated in Italian or English and a photocopy of passport, Curriculum vitae and Portfolio 5-10 design projecs ( only for Master). Within 10 days after the receipt of the above documents, the student will be informed by e-mail about the outcome of application.

Application deadline

The enrollment for the chosen course must be sent to International Office at least 30 days before the beginning of the course. Programmes have restricted entry. Enrolments are awarded depending on availability of places.

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