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ISD offers three years courses to students who have a general high school degree needed for university admission. The first year aims to help students to acquire the cultural and technical skills needed to approach a design topic in the referred field. The second and third years are dedicated to the training simulation by handle some projects strictly connected to the reality of such specific professional areas. Students practice in the area of design as it was in a real professional environment. They will learn how to manage a project in all its aspects, they will be able to work in teams, learn from the projects of their colleagues and from collective feedback.


Designed for students who wish to acquire a synthetic and global vision of their preferred subject, in a short time. They have the chance to get the basic cultural and technical competences in order to develop real projects. Therefore, students can apply for a three years course thanks to the acquired abilities.


Master courses aim to train professionals in the field of design, communication, fashion and management with both cross-disciplinary and specific abilities.


Summer/Winter School offers different kinds of intensive international courses. The programs last from two to four weeks. The study plans are made of face-to-face classes, laboratories and excursions to the city of Naples, meeting point of nature, history and arts. Classes are in English or Italian with simultaneous translation. Summer/Winter School courses take place every month except August.

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